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Custom closets that cut the mess

Smart storage to keep your life in order

A closet could be another mess to clean, or a place that keeps your home's mess minimal. We can custom design you a closet or dresser that will hold whatever it is you plan to keep in it. We will work with your needs to ensure that your gorgeous custom closet or dresser accomplishes exactly what you desire.

What can our cabinets keep?


Never be surprised by the bill when you work with The Cabinet Company of Nebraska Inc. We will always give you an accurate and reasonable quote for the job prior to your final approval.

Storage shouldn't just take up space. Get dazzling closets made just for you.

Contact us today so we can begin work on your custom closet.

These are just a few ideas. In reality, you can keep just about anything in your own custom cabinet or dresser. It is made to your specifications, so you can maximize storage and minimize mess.



Contact us for details

- Clothing

- Shoes

- Household supplies

- Tools

- Non-perishable foods

- Personal goods

- Seasonal decorations

- Bedding and linens